Mithali Raj’s Journey from Being a Late Riser to a Cricket Captain

If I mention “Indian cricket”, you will all think about Kapil Dev, Sunil Gavaskar and currently MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli. These people marked their names in the history of Cricket thanks to their sense of leadership, dedication towards sports and zeal towards their goals.

But how many of you remember the “Mithali Raj”?

Well, if you are the type of people who lack enthusiasm and winning spirit in their life, Mithali Raj is the best icon for you. However, you can easily notice the amazing progress  Mithali made.

Leading the Indian Women’s cricket team has always been a major responsibility that Mithali Raj had to undertake. I know, it’s hard for us to imagine a Bharatnatyam girl to rule the Indian Women cricket contingent and build record breaking scores on her board, which is exactly what Mithali Raj managed to acheive.

The actual journey of Mithali stared when she was just 10. In fact, her life goal was to become an artist. Since childhood, she was keenly interested in becoming a top-class dancer. Unfortunately, she was considered to be a late riser during her teenage. However, being the brat of Indian Air Force officer, Mithali’s father supported her to overcome her issue. He  used to take her to the cricket camps where her brother was being trained by Jyothi Prasad.

Mithali Raj

Image Courtesy : Hindustan Times

Eventually, the talent  shined and Jyothi Prasad was the first indentify it. He advised Mithali’s father to focus on her, more than on her brother. Since then, Jyothi sir started training Mithali Raj. However, it was late NIS coach Sampath Kumar who transformed her into a world class performer.

St. John’s was only having the boy’s camp, which made it hard for Mithu to stay at the camp. Therefore, she was transferred to Sampath Kumar sir. After one year of intense training, the NIS Sampath Kumar informed her father that she would not only play for Indian cricket team but would also break many records.

Mithali’s parents have been always asked to deliver their 100% support to their daughter and motivate her to achieve her goal. In 1997 world cup, she was shortlisted when she was only 14, however, the selectors were not sure about the performance of teen girl. Since then, she never looked back and reaches a new height of success with each match she played.

Taking the Indian cricket team to Women World cup Final is not an easy task when you are not being given the same recognition that is given to male cricketers. But, above all, Mithali showcased her talent and had reached the heights that not every women cricketer can reach.

The records, Mithali currently holds, makes her somewhere equivalent to the Indian Cricket team skipper, Virat Kohli. Mihtali Raj is the third most successful Indian Women team skipper in terms of winning ODI matches.

So, do you need more reason to take Mithali as your idol and lead the success?

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