Hidden truth and Dark Secret of Indian Cricketers, some will blow your mind.

Cricket considered as a religion in  India, which is full of fun, masti, glamour and politics. But Apart from that cricket is a game full of deepest and dark secrets, which are unknown to fans and public. But don’t worry we are going to reveal some of the secrets of the dressing room and from their life too. I bet you; you don’t know about these secrets.

Let’s start from non-other than God of cricket :p

1.Sachin Tendulkar: Role of tissue while batting.

I know you are thinking what is the use of tissue while batting? Yeah! You heard it right.  Sachin told media once that “During a match against Sri Lanka in 2003 ICC World Cup I had a sick stomach. The situation was horrible that I had to bat with tissues inside my underwear.” See the making of God was not that easy, it took too many efforts even when you had a bad stomach. If I were in place of Sachin, I couldn’t make it in such bad condition, but he did.


2. Virat Kohli’s First Day In The Dressing Room.

It was the day of the debut for Virat Kohli as an international cricketer. He was getting ready for his debut, trying to control his nervousness but unfortunately, he was not able to do.  Yuvraj and Harbhajan asked him to touch Sachin’s feet stressing that earning his blessings before the debut was a norm for all the newbies in the team, as Sachin was senior most player in the team. Funny enough, Virat Kohli went ahead, and Sachin later informed him that he had pranked by the prank-masters of the team.


3. Legend Kapil Dev cried during a TV Interview.

Kapil Dev

In mid 90’s when fixing and betting was on their top in cricket. At that time during a meeting with Karan Thapar for the show, Hardtalk India, the legend Kapil Dev broke down totally when asked about allegations of having made money by fixing matches. Here is an exert of what he replied to the interviewer “I will commit suicide before that rather than taking a bribe from somebody. Take all my money; I don’t want it. I come from a family where pride is the most important thing.” This is how a legend broke upon false allegations. Isn’t it something emotional?

4. Anil Kumble’s 10 Wicket against Pakistan.

It was on a talk show where Wasim Akram had revealed the secret about the innings where Anil Kumble took ten wickets.

Akram and Waqar Younis were on the crease, and by then Kumble already had sent nine batsmen back to the dressing room. Waqar Younis comes up to Akram and says, I would get out to Javagal Srinath who was bowling at the other end so Kumble cannot make history with it. However, Akram refused this idea and said to Waqar to play his natural game and if its meant to be it would happen.

Indian bowlers were making sure that they don’t end up taking the 10th wicket of the Pak team. As Kumble came to bowl with Akram on strike and BOOM, Akram went to block it and got caught at short leg.

If Akram wanted he could have thrown away his wicket, but he showed a real vitality of sportsmanship. And Kumble made a new lesson in cricket History.


5. Captain cool and genuine story of love.

Dhoni and sakshi

Many of you might have seen the love story of MS Dhoni and Sakshi in his biopic, MS Dhoni The Untold Story directed by Neeraj Pandey, but the reality has something different to reveal.

As shown in his biopic Dhoni doesn’t meet Shakshi for the first time in the hotel. but actually, both Sakshi and Mahendra Singh Dhoni knew each other since childhood, they did not fall in love till they grew up.

Even Dhoni and Sakshi’s father worked in the same company, MECON, in Ranchi. Both their families shared a friendly relationship, and the young germs went to the same school in Ranchi. And, before cupid could roll out its arrows, Sakshi’s family got shifted to Dehradun. where her grandfather was already staying. And Later both accidentally met in Kolkatta as shown in the movie. Isn’t real life is different from reel life?

6. When The Whole Team Pranked Ganguly And He was about to Resign.

Sourav Ganguly was a brave captain, and he was quite friendly with his players, always motivating them to play fearlessly.  So, when prankster of the team Yuvraj Singh and Ashish Nehra told Dada that they would not play under his captaincy as they were disturbed by some of the comments that he made against them in the press, Ganguly offered to quit from captaincy with teary eyed.

Dravid realised that the prank had crossed the limits when Ganguly got emotional and told him that it was all experimented. Dada picked up a bat and chased all of those involved out of the dressing room.


7. Shahid Afridi’s fastest ODI 100.

Do you know there is a big secret behind Shahid Afridi’s fastest ODI 100 runs? I bet you; you don’t know this for sure. Let me explain what is hidden behind this mighty 100.

On 4 October 1996, A young boy just (16-year-old0 Pakistani boy named Shahid Afridi hit the fastest century in a 37-ball against Sri Lanka.  The young boy didn’t have proper cricket kit to play, so team provided him spinner Saqlain Mushtaq’s boots and helmet, and master blaster Sachin Tendulkar’s bat.

“I had just got into Pakistani cricket team, and during the practice session in Nairobi, Waqar Younis gave me a bat and said, play with this and see, it is Sachin’s bat,” Afridi told the Daily Pakistan.

“I feel very honoured for playing with Sachin’s bat in my first ODI match, Sachin had given the bat to Waqar Younis requesting him to get a similar one from Sialkot,” he added further.

Isn’t it something unique and miracle? How does it feel when you do such things with such legends bat??


So these are the some of the fascinating secrets about cricketers. Hope you liked it, Please share for more interesting stories about cricket and dressing room. Thanks!



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