Hidden Cricket Rules That Will Shock You

Cricket has always been the game of gentlemen. Almost every one of us has played this game in their childhood, regardless of our awareness of its rules. As in every game, rules are made to bring discipline and genuine result in the game. But the hilarious part of Cricket is that there are many rules that most of the Fans of this game don’t know.

The rules that are actually applied in this game are the result of some weird situations that players faced.

Let’s take a look at some of the mysterious rules of playing International Cricket. I bet some of them will shock you!

Indian Cricketers Appealing out

Image Courtesy : ESPN Cricinfo

OUT ! Empire will Respond only After Appeal: This is an amazing format that not everyone know while watching Cricket. Empire will always declare a batsman only when the opposing/fielding team appeals for the dismissal. The Empire will not even respond if the batsman is out but the fielding team is not appealing for his dismissal.

LBW Wicket

Image Courtesy : Jagran